Bill Drayton – Ashoka – Social Entrepreneurship/ A Hero!!!

Bill Drayton is, for me, today’s Gandhi. He is the American Gandhi, a selfless hero. It is my wish and prayer that as we pursue in being social entrepreneurs who are preparing and have been working for the benefit of others, God will grant us the skills, courage and determination to bring social changes where we have identified problems that need solving and fixing. My dear friends, I encourage you all to think, read and have an excellent knowledge about the concept of “Social Entrepreneurship”. Merid Desta.

In this fourth (and last) interview with Global X, Bill Drayton addresses a key question: How can one be an effective social entrepreneur?

“First, you have to give yourself permission to be one!” And that may be the biggest barrier. Many people will tell you that this is too hard and that you will fail. “You have to very politely ignore them,” recommends the founder of Ashoka.

Then pick a social problem that you really want to solve. It shouldn’t be that difficult, as there are so many that remains to be solved.

Think of it as an iterative building process: “It is not rocket science. It’s patient, careful problem solving.” But you need persistence in looking at the problem so that you understand the field very well.

Finally, make sure that what you are doing is really important, even historic, for the field. “It has to be a big win for all decision makers in the field!”

And don’t forget, as Bill Drayton showed about Rodrigo Baggio, that you need deep integrity and ethical fiber to succeed. The founder of Ashoka, who is now spending a lot of time on the new generation of change makers, also describes in a previous interview the magical instant when a social entrepreneur discovers that the moment to change social structure has arrived.

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About Merid Desta

I am a very passionate and mature African-Ethiopian researcher/ peacebuilder/ manager/ leader/ who have been doing a research on peace and conflict in the horn of Africa. I have learned that both my under- and post-graduate studies need to be topped up with formal studies of theories and praxis of peace, conflict, justice, identity, nationalism, ethnicity, religion and other related theories. All the trusts, institutes, faith-based and other secular organisations in which I was involved in leadership, mobilising and training capacities, were committed to addressing all aspects of individuals and communities’ life. Being an advocate for all human beings to be released from their spiritual, physical, social, mental and economic poverty, with a view to enabling them to become fulfilled and responsible human beings who live up to the standard of their best capacity, was at the core of all my work and the people and teams whose ministry I led. I have been involved in interfaith; interethnic; intercultural and interdenominational peacebuilding, conflict resolution and management work in the capital. My family’s life has always been sacrificial. We have committed our lives and are preparing for more commitments to work initially among a few communities and regions in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan/ South Sudan and the surrounding regions. These nations of Eastern Africa have often been under enormous threats and incidents of civil wars, ethno-religious conflicts, genocide etc.

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