President Obama’s Message to the People of Kenya

President Obama speaks directly to the Kenyan people, even using some Swahili words, in a video message released by the White House.
Every Kenyan has to listen to this appeal. We need to put all our conspiracy theories away; and remind all Kenyans that Kenya used to be a model and an example of peace to many of the nations surrounding it that have been in a repeated violence, genocide, ethnic and religious conflict etc. For me Kenya has been a symbol of African democracy, prosperity and freedom. How sad it is to lose this credential.

Enjoy this fantastic appeal from the president of the ‘greatest’ nation on the planet. Kenya, the country and nation that had been a place of safety to some of my family members and to thousands of Ethiopians during that darkest and disastrous communist time had gotten itself in a suicidal and self-annihilation trap about 5 years ago. It is my hope that the election that will be held in a couple of weeks time will go well and smooth this time.


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About Merid Desta

I am a very passionate and mature African-Ethiopian researcher/ peacebuilder/ manager/ leader/ who have been doing a research on peace and conflict in the horn of Africa. I have learned that both my under- and post-graduate studies need to be topped up with formal studies of theories and praxis of peace, conflict, justice, identity, nationalism, ethnicity, religion and other related theories. All the trusts, institutes, faith-based and other secular organisations in which I was involved in leadership, mobilising and training capacities, were committed to addressing all aspects of individuals and communities’ life. Being an advocate for all human beings to be released from their spiritual, physical, social, mental and economic poverty, with a view to enabling them to become fulfilled and responsible human beings who live up to the standard of their best capacity, was at the core of all my work and the people and teams whose ministry I led. I have been involved in interfaith; interethnic; intercultural and interdenominational peacebuilding, conflict resolution and management work in the capital. My family’s life has always been sacrificial. We have committed our lives and are preparing for more commitments to work initially among a few communities and regions in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan/ South Sudan and the surrounding regions. These nations of Eastern Africa have often been under enormous threats and incidents of civil wars, ethno-religious conflicts, genocide etc.

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